Sweet Traditions

Waiting for the turn light into the Mall is NOT where I planned to be, but here I was ten cars back praying. Yes – praying the folks in front of me had some understanding for the “lets go already” program that I am such huge fan of.  OMgosh, I missed the #*^& light. “Merry Christmas” to the older gentleman in beige mini-van!

Ok put it in Park and rest a bit… I start thinking about my childhood Christmas’s and some of the traditions we’ve started with our family.  Growing up a 60’s kid on Air Force Bases, I poured over the Sears Wishbook like there was going to be test after the next reading.  I suspect my grade on any test I take will give me that coveted C+.

I totally understand how Ralphie felt pining for the Red Ryder BB Gun. Mine was the Johnny 7-OMA ! You know the one that shoots the hard plastic bullets, and has two grenade launchers. Very important equipment for backyard war games with the delinquent boys who just moved in, and for creating doubt in the neighbors fearful minds whether to invite us for Christmas cheer. “Hey you guys head on over, but can Jimmy leave that scary gun-thing at home?” Not sure how that turned out… Our new family tradition (isn’t that a Peggy Lee song?), took place this year on a visit with Daughter (AKA Brianna) to the 5th Ave Theater to see Ralphie and his pals in “A Christmas Story – The Musical”.  The look in her eyes watching the acting and singing from the front row was worth the admission price. This my friend is where you show off your new red satin dress, black pea coat, and the super shiny Patent Leather shoes.  Depending of course if you’re a 6 year old on the town with your adoring parents.  “You know Honey, she does have a pretty good voice…maybe she could learn to act”

Light is GREEN Biff, hit it !  Feverishly trying to get my sled out of Park. Ohh no…I am a sleep at the wheel.  Slow start out, but now I am at full ramming speed heading into the backside of the turn. Perfect no Mall Cops to be seen anywhere, so with smoking hot brakes I cruise into the parking lot…Thinking back I should have acted on the E-Bay link my Sister sent me for the Aluminum Foiled Tree we once owned,which was now suddenly available. You know the one with the four colored spinning lighty dealy. Amber, now Bright Green, with a Ruby Red and the all important Icy Blue light shining up at the silver lead filled tinsel. So glamorous and so Christmasy.  “I sure hope they stopped into Toyland and got the Johnny 7 OMG.”  I NEED the gun that shoots those hard plastic bullets. My friends will talk about me for years to come, reliving the day I playfully launched the Fire Bomb attachment their direction. It’s really a win-win deal for everyone!

I decide sitting in the car too long attracts suspicion, so I head into the sea of humanity at the Mall. A slight case of dread sets in, but I remember the best tradition is yet to come. You know the one; family gathered in the warm house with the citrus and nutmeg smell quaffing about. Some kinda candle Stacy brought at one of those parties I suspect. The kids asking for the umpteenth time if they can open their presents. “Ok, but keep the bows, Mom saves them” The freshly glazed Apricot – Honey Ham hiding under it’s metallic tent longing for our attention.  Does it get better? I sure think not!  Maybe I’ll build a fire in the wood stove and we can enjoy that great wine we ferried home from a recent Walla Walla trip, and wonder if the kids had a meaningful Christmas.  I can only hope is was as wonderful and delight filled as the ones I enjoyed – Thank You Mom, and Dad.  Just know; we’re here building those new traditions for our kids.

And less I forget – “Thank you Lord for all the Blessings bestowed upon us”

Merry Christmas,


Food Safety Bill

As I sit in my office writing my new blog, I bristle with the knowledge; Food Safety Bill – S510 is stalled in the Senate. Although I am not a voter that wants new legislation written every time there is a problem, this food safety bill is important to all of us. The USDA has fallen down on the job, due to budget cuts, lack of authority, and poor performance. The recent nightmare conditions and BILLION egg recall at the processing plants in Iowa should be enough to warrant action. On-site USDA inspectors looked the other way, while 1600+ Americans got sick.  There have been over 60 major recalls of food and food products in the first 8 months of this year.  I shout this out knowing we as a food manufacture could be stepping in to a bear trap of regulation, but I don’t care about that. We follow the rules now. What I DO care about protecting our families food supply. Did you know we are now importing over 50% of our nations food? What with all this farm land and we import food ! Keep in mind; these producer companies in South America do not adhere any food safety laws or are they banned from spraying dangerous (outlawed) chemicals.

What can I do Biff? Glad you asked: Check out where the food was produced. If it’s Mexico or Chile, flat out don’t buy it. When it stops moving the stores will bring in less, or delete it all together. Customer demand drives the big chain grocery stores. Talk to the Produce Manager, they are generally very responsive to customer comments/requests.  Buy American was never more important !  Watch the movie “Food Inc”, then buy locally produced items. Note; Fred Meyer, QFC, and Safeway often have signage touting “grown locally” Buy that! Go to your local farmers markets and buy direct from the folks who grew it. All comes down to what were willing to accept and a few thoughtful choices.

Blessings, Biff

The Great Cuts of Meat – Part

If you’ve looked over the Biff’s Blue Ribbon website even a little, you’ll see our moniker is; “It starts with a great cut of meat, and you finish with a great sauce-Biff’s Blue Ribbon.

Let’s talk about the first part of that saying. It starts with a great cut of meat; Yes it does my friends! I’ve said sooooo many times that our customer is NOT the el-cheapo shopper who buys a cube steak and gets excited to see the $2.39 bottle of BBQ Chemical – HFCS sauce getting unwrapped. Hey frugal is cool, cheap is my Aunt ! I am all about saving money, and I’ll show later how to shop/grade meat so you can get a deal.

Ok – Biff, back on track ! I want to use this forum to talk about the one of the best places to get that great cut of meat. This outlet is disappearing at an alarming rate. It’s your local butcher !  You know the guy the down the street (often in smaller towns),  that loved meat so much he couldn’t wait to chop up a bunch of it. This local proprietor is also the guy who understands excellent customer service -They live and die by it.

Nothing says “buy local” more than patronizing your local butcher. Clearly this approach is a national trend and if you look into closer it makes tons of sense.

Tell the truth moment; hey I buy meat at Costco too. (did I mention I would show you how to shop/grade meat ?) The meat at the warehouse store is hardly local. Mostly from a feed lot company called IPB, but it’s actually pretty high quality.

Back to Butch the Butcher; he provides something you can’t get anywhere else; High quality local products, that are cut/trimmed the way YOU want it. Often these knife wielding shopkeeps have cuts you will not find in the warehouse stores. If you’re chasing “grass fed” Beef, or Lamb chops 2” thick, this is your place to hang out. (remember the knife wielding part).

Our website will list links to the local purveyors in the very near future. Hey-my web person is about to have a baby!  If you want to learn (god forbid) more about the local food movement rent/buy the documentary – Food Inc. Don’t worry about the gross animals being harmed images (man that pisses me off), it’s not there.  Just great in site to how we all contribute to what the food industry shoves down our throat. Nice pun Biffo – http://www.foodincmovie.com/

We want to the best for your family and we can show you how to get it !

Stay Tuned…

Yours truly, Biff

Waterstone Foods – Approach to Products

Yes; Biff’s Blue Ribbon BBQ Sauce is from Waterstone Foods. We are all about Biff’s BBQ Sauce Original, but more flavors/products are on the roadmap.  Our Hot n Spicy just came out of the test kitchen. Getting it to the shelf is a laborious to say the least, but we have a winner at the gate. (with the deep blue/gold silks and Ricky Frasier as the Jockey)

We have this inherent belief at Waterstone Foods the products we provide to our customers must be the most natural, and made with highest quality ingredients possible. “Clean” if you will. Looking around the industry it’s amazing to us how many chemicals, emulsifiers, preservatives are in the foods we eat. Unacceptable and just not necessary. Other manufactures want to make a product, send it out the door and hope to never see it again. So they pump up the ingredients list with chemicals in an effort to make the “best by” date out until the next century.  We want to produce a fresh product that you feel good about giving to your family and friends (if you have any). To this end; Biff’s Blue Ribbon has NO High Fructose Syrup, NO Preservatives, NO MSG, or any flavor additives.

So now that you know we totally kick ass in the Food World, why not hit the website for some great recipes, and cruise the pictures of Biff. Heck print one off for your cube at work. That way it won’t be so boring anymore!


Yours truly,